As one of the founders of the Successful Entrepreneurship program and having attended every session over the seventy events , it’s my pleasure to confirm that Laura Bratton’s talks have been the most meaningful to me. The message is so powerful. Grit and gratitude moves people. And it’s a concept that continues to impact me!
If you can get Laura in front of a group she will make a difference. Laura made a huge difference with the Greenville group and the Asheville group. I know she helped me!!!!

Leighton M. Cubbage
Successful Entrepreneurship

Laura is one of the most impressive people I have had the pleasure of getting to know.  I would highly recommend her to speak to any group for motivation, goal setting, leadership or overcoming obstacles.  She has an incredible story of not only overcoming incredible hurdles in her life, but has used those difficulties to empathize, counsel and inspire others to achieve.

Tim Justice, CEO
Rescom Construction

Laura has a great story.  One that informs and inspires.  Her comfort with her place in life shows us all that overcoming adversity, big or small, is not only possible, but likely and attainable, if you use the techniques she shares in her presentation of ‘Grit and Gratitude.’  Even if I wasn’t interested in figuring out how to deal with adversity, what she shared and how she shared it gave me a burst of confidence and renewed perspective on the gifts in my life.  Go see her.  And bring a friend.  You’ll be glad you did!

Stuart A. McAlister, President